7 March, 2017



AEAPro issues certifications attaching to it an apostille, therefore legalising all the documents, to all its members who request it. 

AEAPro issues the Certificate of Professional Competence (PCC) to recently joined members with their corresponding diploma. The latter is generated if the applicant meets all the application’s requirements.

Therefore the applicant is required to join one of the following categories: Professional in Human and Social Sciences; Professional Coach; Professional Counselor or Expert in Brief Therapy or Specializations.


AEAPro can issue a European notarised public document, in which it is stated that the documentation provided meets all our Euro American parameters required if any of our members decides to apply for it.

AEAPro also performs procedures regarding the legalisation of a public document through the Hague Apostille considering that over 170 countries accept this stamp and are members of the Hague Apostille Convention. This kind of Certification, Legalised Document with Apostille is performed only to the members of our Entity.


With regard to the training, Centres have to apply for the Certification of Educational Professional Competence (EPCC) in the discipline in which they provide training (Counseling, Coaching, Human and Social Sciences or Brief Therapy such as NLP).

After a thorough assessment by our Evaluation Commission, the Certification EPCC will be issued. In this sense, students who graduate from Certified Centres can join AEAPro without having to perform levelling processes in the category of Professional Coach or Counselor, therefore being able to perform their processing directly from their Centres.

AEAPro’s Statute and its internal regulation, make it possible for Coaching, Counseling, Brief Therapy, and Specialization Training Centres to submit the required documentation and become certified members. In order to achieve this, the Centre has to undertake successfully the Certification process to finally become a Certified Educational Centre (CEC). This process consists of required documents on the typology, methods, and quality of the education, as well as being duly registered in the Commercial Registry of the country of precedence and the teaching level. If the application submitted is approved, AEAPro issues the corresponding Certification consisting of Diploma, Certificate and a European notarised public document with Apostille stamp.

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