7 March, 2017



Coaching stimulates development of a person’s potential. 

Coaching is a method of development of individual, group and organization potential, and this aims primarily to help the client on their road to self-realization. The coach focuses on the person and their potential and talents. Every coach has to actively listen, understand and assume creatively, using the methodology of coaching which has been found to be positive/ has been proved to give positive outcomes.

AEAPro certifies coaches and gives coaching professional updates.

AEAPro Coaching was born due to the need of many professionals not only for a mere exchange of experiences but also for a need of training, updates, and assessment of own work; improving coaching through research and spread it in society. Coaching can grow and become established only if coaches grow and become established themselves first. This is the opportunity to do it together.

To verify the veracity of our membership, AEAPro issues the PCC or Certificate of Professional Competence. If the member does not live in Spain or decides to establish in another country, may request the notary public document with attached the Apostille Certificate by following the prescribed process.

You can download our brochure by clicking here.