7 March, 2017



Counseling guides, supports and develops the client’s potentials by promoting active attitudes.

Counseling is a discipline whose goal is the improvement of the client’s life quality, supporting their strengths and self-determination capabilities. Counseling offers a space for active listening and reflection in which difficulties related to the evolutionary processes, transition phases or states of crisis can be explored, and the capacities of choice or change can be strengthened.

Counseling uses various methodologies and also various theoretical orientations to intervene; it is directed to the individual, families, groups or institutions and it can also be carried out in several areas such as private or public, social, educational, health or business.

To verify the veracity of our membership, AEAPro issues the PCC or Certificate of Professional Competence. If the member does not live in Spain or decides to establish in another country, may request the notary public document with attached the Apostille Certificate by following the prescribed process.

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