21 June, 2017

Human Development

What is Human Development?

We could say that it is primarily a process that has the objective of granting and improving freedoms and opportunities of people, especially their well-being.  In other words, it is the ultimate freedom of people to actually be who they want to be, as well as to do and live according to their values and will.

AEAPro considers that a very important aspect to take into account related to human development is the abilities and capacities of individuals. These are essential for the correct development of a person’s life; in this way the access to education, health, food, etc. are determinants for the human development.

Last, but not least, the use of reason and above all the correct use of this: free from false beliefs, limitations, prejudices, stereotypes, etc. This said use of reason is also important for decision-making and to enjoy a social environment that is respectful not only of the other individuals but also of nature and its inhabitants.

Thus, AEAPro values the efforts on the part of different actors who ambition not only to make this world a better place but also to influence the lives of people so that they feel realized.

Consequently, AEAPro issues the Humanitarian Development Skills Competency Certificate (HDSC). After an assessment of compliance with certain requirements, we will proceed to give this certificate which means more trust and credibility to the workers and those who sustain the organizations.

Who can apply for the HDSC?
NGOs, non-profit associations, foundations, public and private entities that implement social work, study centers and trainers in human and social skills, etc.

For more information: info@aeapro.org

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